onswipe: insanely easy mobile publishing

While the numer of mobile users has been rising, many magazines don’t see the difference reflected in their advertizing. Usually this has meant a drop in numbers.

Montezing on the global web has been a large issue for magazine style publications and blogs, many of which rely on advertizing for support.  Most mobile versions of websites or apps tend to arrange information in reverse chronological order, removing the ads.

However,  people looking for more mobile customization of their Content Management Systems can now look to a new startup, Onswipe, which has found  a way to make it easier for you to deliver magazine content to the mobile web.

Moreover, it provides you with more options to customize the layout of your content, which the company says results in a 300%+ boost in pageviews and a 100% boost in time on site.

It also easily integrates with your content management system, crawing your site to extract elements, such as slideshows, and features, and also allows for ordering of content. This addresses the issue editors have of spending a lot of money  comissioning feature content, only to have it buried in their mobile site. Instead, it follows the ordering of the homepage.

So while many sites have held off on a mobile version, for fear of these three issues, onswipe addresses them at last.  Have you tried the new program? Share with us what you think!!